New BTO workshop at Migfest '22

Something new for 2022 at Migfest is going to be a BTO workshop: First steps into birdwatching with Jenny Donelan. This is for those of you who have recently got into birdwatching, or are wanting some great tips to improve your skills in bird identification and want some advice or guidance on where to go next

Birdwatching is a hugely rewarding and enjoyable pastime; from bringing further enjoyment to a walk in the countryside, enhancing your connection with nature, through to a life-long career. It can be difficult to know where to start, but Jenny’s workshop aims to help those take their first steps into birdwatching with a few tips and tricks.

The first part of this workshop will get you thinking about how to effectively record notes in the field, and how these can be used to identify birds. Jenny will cover what to lookout for, including bird structure, and plumage and how to accurately take notes on these features. The audience will then put these tips into practice and produce sketches or notes on a variety of birds. Whether it be an intricate field sketch, bullet points or a sketch on the back of a napkin, Jenny will show you how to make the most of your field notes when it comes to identifying species.

The second part of the workshop will concentrate on how to choose the best optical equipment to suit your needs. Jenny will discuss how to choose which optics are best for you, and what to look out for when buying equipment.

Lastly the workshop will finish off with an informal chat as Jenny invites audience members to share their bird watching experiences, and how they got into birdwatching.

If you want to attend this workshop then you’ll need to get your tickets for Migfest ‘22 ASAP! See details here

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05 August 2022

New BTO workshop at Migfest '22

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