2024 Q&A

It is assumed that attendees give permission to be photographed over the weekend by the event photographers and used on our website/social media solely for the purpose of promoting the festival and its cause.

Q. When will Migfest 2024 tickets be available?

A. Tickets will go on sale via the Spurn Shop on Friday 26th April. They will be posted out from Monday 5th August.

Q. Where will the Migfest reception be?

A. Once again the venue in 2024 will be in North Field (the large field between Beacon Lane and Church Field) see Google Map link here.

Q. What facilities will there be for camping in North Field?

A. There will be portaloo toilets in the field, a supply of drinking water and plenty of space. There is no access to a hook up point for electricity, but campervans/motorhomes can pitch up here. If you want to bring your campervan/motorhome simply purchase camping tickets for the amount of people staying. We have tried to source showers but the cost to these has meant we are unable to provide them in North Field for 2023.

Q. Can I camp on the Sunday night?

A. Yes, you’ll need to purchase an extra night camping via the Spurn shop, as Sunday night camping is not included in the weekend packages.

Q. Will there be any shower facilities for campers at Migfest this year?

A. There will be no shower facilities in the North Field camp site, however new for 2024 we will have a very limited number of Premium Camping tickets available at Westmere Farm, where there are shower facilities. Spaces for this are limited, and tickets MUST be purchased in advanced. There will be no public access to Westmere Farm over the weekend so you must have your wristband on show throughout the weekend, and dog’s are not permitted on Westmere Farm.

Q. When will I receive my tickets?

A. Tickets and infomation packs will begin to be posted out from Monday 5th August 2024.

Q. Is accommodation available in the area if I want to stay overnight?

A. Yes accommodation is available but is quite limited near to Spurn itself. You will find some useful addresses here to assist you in finding accommodation.

Q. Will there be vegan/vegetarian options avaliable througout the weekend?

A. Yes vegan & vegetarian options will be available.

Q. What food will be available on the Saturday evening?

A. As last year we there will be an ‘Old Fashioned’ BBQ, starting at c17:00 on the Saturday, with veggie and vegan options avaliable. Tickets for this will need to be purchased in advance via the Spurn Shop.

Q. Who will be the guest speakers in 2024?

A. The RSPB/British Birds Friday Night Lecture will be given by none other than Lars Svensson, titled “70 years of birdwatching - still the same adventure!” and the Andy Roadhouse Memorial Saturday Night Lecture speaker will be TV presenter, naturalist, conservationist, author, and television producer, Nigel Marven!

Q. Will there be tickets for the Saturday night headline talk this year?

A. Yes, this year there will be seperate tickets for the Saturday headline talk, which are avaliable to buy on the Spurn shop.

Q. What ticket do I need to attend the Friday night headline talk?

A. You’ll need a weekend ticket or a Saturday ticket to attend the Friday night headline talk.

Q. Where will the talks be delivered over the weekend?

A. There will be a second marquee in North Field, where there will be seating during the day and then the Friday and Saturday evening talks will be given here. The daytime talks will once again be held in the clubhouse at Sandy Beaches Caravan site.

Q. What time does the Spurn Migration Festival start? And what time can I pitch my tent on Friday?

A. We’ll be confirming the full programme of events closer to the time, but the only event on Friday 8th September will be the headline talk, before all walks, sea-watching, vismigging and ringing demos kick off at 7am Saturday 9th September. You will be able to pitch your tent in North Field from 2pm on Friday.

Q. Do I have to be on site from 7am on Saturday/Sunday?

A. No you can arrive at any time throughout the day but the guided walks start at 7am.

Q. What are the payment arrangements in the marquee?

A. Most stands will be cash only including reception and the food bar so please bring cash with you to site as the nearest cash point is a 20 min drive away in Withernsea.

Q. What time can I check in/register at reception on Friday?

A. Reception will be open for check in from 2pm on Friday and you can pitch your tent if camping after this, with food avaliable from 4pm

Q. Will food and drink be for sale throughout the weekend?

A. Yes food and drink is available from 4pm on Friday to 4pm on Sunday. It will be a relatively simple menu provided by the Spurn Ladies. With only tea, coffee and snacks avaliable on Friday.

Q. Will Tea and Coffee be free throughout the weekend as in previous years?

A. Yes.

Q. If I only buy a Saturday or Sunday ticket can I still access all the day time events?

A. Yes you can go to the daytime walks and talks etc, but you’ll need a seperate Saturday evening Andy Roadhouse Memorial Lecture ticket if you want to attend that.

Q. Can I bring my dog with me?

A. If you bring your dog with you access to certain parts of the reserve will be restricted as dogs are not allowed from the Warren gate walking South, and dogs aren’t allowed in the catering area of the main marquee, or on Westmere Farm premium camping site.

Q. Is transport available free of charge to travel to the various meeting points for walks etc?

A. Yes transport will be available throughout the weekend to take you to the meeting places.

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